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  1. Sorry Steve your posting was a 5 star job BUT, as you failed to MEET THE TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS your CfH is REJECTING your W1 posting.

    Suggestion you refer back to the Project Charter/Templates and see how many CITATIONS are required?

    Should take you less than 1 minute to fix this and then REPOST as W1.1_SJP_What Leadership Style should we be using.

    Be sure to capture this “Lesson Learned” about how IMPORTANT it is that you know and understand the CONTRACTUAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, in particular, the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS otherwise you are sure to get your deliverable REJECTED.

    Learning Curve, Steve….. 😉

  2. Steve,
    You gotta be REALLY careful to follow DIRECTIONS……. I did NOT want you to REPLACE your original W1 blog. Whenever you get a 1 star you need to LEAVE THAT one with my comments and REPOST a NEW one labled W1.1…..

    Don’t change it this time but if it happens again then you need to totally REPOST so that you (and others) can see what you did wrong and then see what the correction was….

    Bottom line- SLOW DOWN a bit and be sure to double check what you are posting BEFORE you post it… As this is EXACTLY what the questions on your GPC Expert are going to look like, you need to get in the habit of doing a quality check BEFORE you publish and not after….

    Another “lesson learned,” I hope?

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta


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